Motorised Curtain Tracks

Motorised Curtain Tracks made to measure with remote control

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Motorised Curtain Tracks


Smart technology allows a “tug start” manual override on all motorised curtain tracks and an intelligent self-setting limit system which offers a perfect closure of curtains time after time, reducing wear and offering shorter installation times.

Motorised Curtain Tracks

These curtain tracks are suitable for home office or hotel, they are mains powered. Once fitted and powered these tracks will set their own start and stop limits this makes them easy to install. They also have a pull start feature so if manually pulled to open or close the motor will start and move in the pulled direction, if the power is off you can pull to open or close by hand. This pull start feature saves damage to the motor and is ideal for Hotels. We can control your curtains by hand remote control or smart wireless wall switch which needs no cables. Other control options are iPad, iPhone and control via the internet and smart home systems.

We have a wide variety of fabric, texture, and color to offer, so whether you prefer sleek contemporary or rich traditional elegance, the custom-made curtains will fit your style.The curtains are custom-made to fit, and hand-sewn by expert seamstresses. They are both lined and inter-lined for fullness, and blackout lining is available.

We can supply with curtain or motorised track only.

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