• Motorised Roman Blinds london
  • Motorised Roman Blinds london
  • Motorised Roman Blinds london

Motorised Blinds for London

Electric motorised blinds with remote control

We have the most comprehensive and magnificent display of automated blinds, curtains, and lighting in the UK. Visit our factory showroom to see what we can do for you with made to measure motorised blinds. You can see a full array of electric motorised, battery powered, and remote control blinds, in an amazing selection of textiles. You can experience the many elegant and contemporary styles and colours.

Our service, we cover London and the home counties which includes the whole of the London Television area.

For the larger projects we extend to the whole of the UK and Europe.

Our Showroom

Motorised Blinds london UK
Battery Motorised Blinds

No need for electric cables to your window the blind is a remote control battery motorised blind self powered

Electric motorised roller blinds are fully powered by batteries and require no wiring, so they integrate easily into any home or office. The batteries can last upto 3 years dependant on the type of blind ordered. Battery blinds come in a few variations, some have a rechargeable battery inside the roller pole, others have their changeable batteries in the headrail and can easily be changed. What ever you choice we will advice on the best to suit your project. All can be controlled by a handheld remote control, a wall remote switch, or even your iPad and iPhone! Available in a variety of fabric types and colours, you can be assured we have the one for you. Automated home control, smart home systems, lighting control what ever your system we can integrate with it.

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QMotion Battery Roller Blinds

This Advanced Roller Blind System is aimed at the middle to high end of the market it's powered by "D" Cell Alkaline batteries which are readily available from your local shop. The batteries are expected to last up to five years this is dependent on daily use and the size off the roller blind. These motorised roller blinds can be if required, powered by mains via an available transformer. But for those who are looking for a high quality battery product that is wirelessly remote controlled and requires no cables this is for you, BROCHURE HERE

We can survey your home or business to check your blind requirements or phone for your free quotation

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